These are the wind caves on the west sideof the range, not the Fish Creek ones.

A 1 1/2 hour hike is required to get to these.

Dscn4448 Dscn4449 Dscn4450 Dscn4451 Dscn4452
Dscn4453 Dscn4454 Dscn4456 Dscn4457 Dscn4458
Dscn4459 Dscn4460 Dscn4461 Dscn4462 Dscn4463
Dscn4464 Dscn4465 Dscn4466 Dscn4467 Dscn4468
Dscn4469 Dscn4470 Dscn4471 Dscn4472 Dscn4473