Clint's "cherry" jeep.

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We hear on the radio "Someone is being pulled over!" Turns out Clint is being pulled over . . . again . . . on a dirt road in Panamint Valley. As the Sheriff is walking toward Clint and his Jeep, he is observing Clint's Washington State license plate and saying loudly "I don't know what they let you drive in Washington, but you can't drive that thing here! It doesn't have any fenders! It doesn't have a horn! It doesn't have a windshield and I bet if I looked closer, there is a bunch of other stuff that this thing doesn't have!. Get this thing off of my highways and don't let me catch you driving that again!

We are thinking to ourselves "Only the finest quality of General Motors and Chrysler parts fall off of Clint's Jeep while he is driving, why would the Sheriff have a problem with that?