West Coast Four Wheel Drive Club & the US Marine Corp Reserve's
Toys for Tots 2004 Toy Drive
Photos by Steven Gardiner
December 5, 2004

a-Block-01 a-Block-02 a-Block-03 a-Block-04 a-Block-05
a-Block-06 a-Block-06a a-Block-07 a-Block-08 a-Block-09
a-Block-10 a-Block-11 a-Block-11a a-Block-12 a-Block-13
a-Block-14 a-Block-15 a-Block-16 a-Block-17 b-Decor-01
b-Decor-02 b-Decor-03 b-Decor-04 e-Parade-01 e-Parade-02
e-Parade-03 e-Parade-04 e-Parade-05 e-Parade-06 e-Parade-08
e-Parade-09 e-Parade-10 e-Parade-12 e-Parade-13 e-Parade-14
e-Parade-15 e-Parade-16 e-Parade-17 e-Parade-18 e-Parade-19
e-Parade-20 e-Parade-21 e-Parade-22 e-Parade-23 e-Parade-24
e-Parade-25 e-Parade-26 e-Parade-27 e-Parade-28 e-Parade-29
e-Parade-30 e-Parade-31 e-Parade-32 e-Parade-33 e-Parade-34
e-Parade-35 e-Parade-36 e-Parade-37 e-Parade-38 e-Parade-39
e-Parade-40 e-Parade-41 e-Parade-42 e-Parade-43 e-Parade-44
e-Parade-45 e-Parade-46 e-Parade-47 e-Parade-48 e-Parade-49
e-Parade-50 e-Parade-51 e-Parade-52 e-Parade-53 e-Parade-54
e-Parade-55 e-Parade-56 e-Parade-57 e-Parade-99 e-parade-11
f-Lakes-01 f-Lakes-02 f-Lakes-03 f-Lakes-04 f-Lakes-05
f-Lakes-06 f-Lakes-07 f-Lakes-08 f-Lakes-09 f-Lakes-10
f-Lakes-11 f-Lakes-12 f-Lakes-13 f-Lakes-14 f-Lakes-15
f-Lakes-16 f-Lakes-17 f-Lakes-18 f-Lakes-19 f-Lakes-20
f-Lakes-21 f-Lakes-22 f-Lakes-23 f-Lakes-24 f-Lakes-25
f-Lakes-26 f-Lakes-27 f-Lakes-28 f-Lakes-29 s-Club-1a
v-Big-1 v-Big-2 v-Bronco v-IH-01 v-IH-02
v-IH-03 v-IH-04 v-Isuzu-1 v-Isuzu-2 v-Isuzu-3
v-Isuzu-4 v-Isuzu-5 v-Jeep-1 v-Jeep-2 v-NissanPatrol-
v-Pinz v-Suzuki-1 v-Trailer-1a v-YTrailer-3 x-Trailer-1


20 years of Toy Drives for Rob Adams! Applause Please!!


Best Club Decorations

1st Place - Sons of Thunder

 2nd - Rubicon Owners of California

 3rd - Dirt Devils





Best Club Participation

 1st Place - Dirt Devils

2nd - Scouts West

3rd - Three Way Tie!!!

Rubicon Owers of California

Sons of Thunder

Gad Zuks





Best Individual Decoration

1st Place - Ray and Marilyn Pfiefer




2nd Place - Bo and Robin Neece




3rd place - Don & Deanna Stephens