West Coast Four Wheel Drive Club & the United States Marine Corps Reserve's


 17th Annual Toys for Tots

Toy Drive

December 2, 2001






The Second Place "Best Decorated Vehicle Winner!! Yep, that's me!
2a-Isuzus 2b-ISuzus 2c-Isuzus 3a-Paul1 3a-Paul2  

Other Isuzus

  Paul Beckman







Assorted Military Stuff, Marines, Air Force Reserve & Private
4a-Others 4b-Others-SteveF 4c-Others-SteveF 4d-Others  

Some of the other vehicles
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More of the others.
5a-MorningCrowd 5a-Toys 5b-MorningCrowd 5b-Toys 5c-Toys 6a-AfternoonCrowd


The crowds and the Toys, that's what it is all about, mostly the Toys for the Kids but we have fun too!


The weather was good and the people came. We had over 160 vehicles and probably close to 400 people. The military was there in force. One of our firends, Armondo "Mondo" Miranda, worked in the Air Force Reserves and he managed to get one of their veihicles to attend.

We weren't sure if any of the Marines would be here, seems they have a few other things to do these days, but they showed up in force, with 5 or 6 trucks and other well equiped vehicles.

Our raffle had over 90 winners. With sponsors like Warn Industries, Premier Power Welder, DIRECTV and many others, how could we not have a successful event?

The result of these people and sponsors was over 1600 toys collected for the Toys for Tots program!!

On behalf of West Coast Four Wheel Drive Club, I would like to thank all participants and sponsors, we couldn't do it without all of you! Thanks a bunch!

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 All Photos by: Steven Gardiner - December 2, 2001