Your Public Lands - "Your Trash Dump?"

Not if it is in the San Bernardino Forest!

On Saturday 1/5/02, I received a report of a trash dump located on 3N07Y (the road leading down from Highway 18 to Cactus Flats). When we arrived on scene we noticed a large dump of roofing materials blocking the road. After searching the dump we came up with three matching pieces of mail to a local roofer out of Big Bear. On Monday 1/7/02, I contacted the individual named in these pieces of mail by phone. I notified the individual that if the dump wasn't cleaned up by close of business 1/7/02, he would face federal charges. I returned late this afternoon and to my delight, the large trash dump was completely removed! I think they even sweep the road bed!! Here are some before and after shots of what happened............

Greg Hoffman
Forest Service Liaison
OHV Volunteer/Adopt-a-trail Programs






Thanks Greg and all of the other volunteers that work in the Forest Service System.